Nuosen Rain Cover Review.

Being one of the cheapest and best-fitted rain covers in the market. If you are looking for a rain cover for your stroller why not buy the Nuosen universal rain cover.

It lasts longer and you can use it with almost any stroller you have. In this article, I will give some detail about its features and material.

Product: Nuosen Universal Baby Stroller Rain Cover. View strollers to fit in with

Price: $12.99

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My Ranking: 9/10


What does the Nuosen universal baby stroller rain cover has to offer? Well, it’s a rain cover that fits almost any stroller which makes it a universal fit. The material is of high quality and has an excellent design.

When it comes to rain covers it’s best to get one that fits many brands, so that when you switch strollers or want to use it on your car seat then you won’t need to buy a new rain cover. It saves you money.

The material needs to be good so that it won’t tear easily, especially if you live in rainy areas. Let’s look into all of this in detail.


A Universal Fit.

The baby stroller rain cover protects your baby from the rain, wind and cold. As I mentioned above the rain cover fits most strollers, prams and car seats.

Nuosens rain cover is a must for travelling families. You might use a different stroller and car seat when travelling with your family and is good that you have a universal fit rain cover. When people hear the word travel you most likely imagine sunny places, but rainy and windy places can also be a destination many families take.

So, a rain cover is a must if you plan to travel. Some of these places can be the UK and Scandinavia, where the weather is unpredictable.

A universal fit rain cover is good if you ever want to gift a rain cover to a relative later on when your children are all grown up. That can be much later on in the future when manufacturers have designed more advanced and unique strollers.


The material is EVA and the colour is transparent. Rain covers are transparent, but the edges have colours of course. This one’s colour is black most of them are, but some of them can have pink, cream etc. It also depends on whether the rain covers come with the stroller or if it’s sold separately.

The Baby Stroller rain cover material is thick and long-lasting. Which is good so that it won’t tear easily. If you use the rain cover for your baby then you don’t need to worry, but if it’s for your toddler then. Toddlers tend to grab things and are easily annoyed.

My toddler has done this many times. When it rained and I use the rain cover she always grabbed it to remove it because the cover disturbed her view. She did succeed in removing the cover but didn’t tear it. So buying a high-quality cover will make it easier.

The cover not only protects from rain and wind but also from UV important for your newborn.



A practical design, good for everyday use and also easy to use for anyone who wants to use it. Just cover the stroller with the baby stroller rain cover and you are good to go. A zip opening is in the front, providing more breathing space for your infant.

Not only that but also if you need to give something to your infant or take something from them. It’s easier than removing the whole cover. The zipper is waterproof preventing any rain from getting in. There are ventilation holes on two sides that also provides free-breathing for your baby.

The cover can be folded for easy storage. For some rain covers the folding can be a bit messy and not that flat, the case with mine. It took more space than it should have. This rain cover folds flat and you can even put it on the basket and fold the stroller. No space is needed for the rain cover.

The Perfect Fit.

Nuosens Baby Stroller Rain Cover is the perfect fit for strollers and prams out there. A universal rain cover is always the one you should buy for your stroller, but of course, you should look and see if the cover is a fit for that specific stroller.

Although the title is “universal” it does not mean it fits every stroller and pram, It just fits many but not all. That’s one con I can think of, It might not fit your stroller or pram.

Other than that it’s cheap, high-quality material, nice design and matches your stroller. So, it’s the perfect fit.

What do you think? Is it the perfect fit? Would you recommend it to family and friends?

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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