Baby Jogger City Mini 2 vs City Select .

Baby Jogger famous strollers, the City Mini 2 Double and the City Select Double. Which of these strollers is the best, and why? In this article, I will be providing information about these two strollers.

If you are having twins these are excellent choices, and to make your decision easier I will compare the pros and cons.

All About The Baby Jogger Strollers.

Product: City Mini 2 Double

Price: $499.00

Size Of Product: 77.98 x 19.99 x 89 cm

A Place to Buy: Uberkids. Click here.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 9.5/10

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The double stroller is an update, making it more suitable for more adventures. The City Mini 2 Double is easy to fold, each seat comes with a leg rest and reclining position making it easy for your baby’s to sleep comfortably.

A large basket and extended hood with a peek a boo for your comfort. What’s so amazing with this double stroller is its compatibility to carrycots/bassinet and car seats.

To fold this Baby Jogger stroller just pull the straps on both seats and the stroller will fold quick and easy. In addition to the basket being large, it also can be reached rear or forward making it easy to store things and reach it at ease.

The double stroller enables you to add more accessories, with a glider board, trays for your children. Hey, you name it. It has foot brakes and swivel wheels which adds to the manoeuvre.

Here is a cheaper option

Product: City Select Double Stroller

Price: $575.95

Size Of Product: 97.79 x 65.41 x 110.49 cm

A Place to Buy: View from eBay.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 9.5/10

The double stroller suits your everyday activities and needs. It comes with 16 unique seat combinations, you can fix two 2 car seats, carrycots/bassinets and seats into it. You also have the option to combine all of it.

Whether you have two babies, toddlers or both of them you decide what’s best for you. The brakes are controlled by your hands and the seats are reversible and can be adjusted into different positions, giving your toddlers or babies many options.

Comes with a 5 point harness and extended sun canopy for more protection. Swivel wheels and front wheels suspension and many more features.

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Which One Is Better?

I must say both of them sound perfect so, it’s hard to choose one. I bet not only for me. I rated both of them the same because they both have the same features and accessories.

What makes them different is that the City Select Double Stroller is more of are tandem stroller. Where you have your children sitting behind each other. It enables you to fix a carrycot/bassinet and have a seat or car seat behind or the other way around.

For the City Mini 2 Double Stroller, the seats are next to each other and you can also transform it into a Travel System, its more of a double twin stroller. You can reach both kids with ease, which you cant do with the other stroller because they are sitting behind.

The City Mini 2 Double Stroller enables you to add more accessories, like the ones I mentioned above. Both are good and each has more advantages in certain things, but the City Mini Double Stroller has more to offer. These Baby jogger strollers have a lot to offer you and your babies or toddlers.


City Mini 2 Double Stroller.

  • A more updated version. Carrycot/bassinet and car seat compatible.
  • Legrest and many reclining options.
  • A large basket and extended hood with a peek a boo.
  • Easy to fold by just pulling the straps.
  • Enables you to add more accessories, depending on what your toddler or baby requires.
  • Easy to reach the basket, from front and back.

City Select Double Stroller.

  • You can use two car seats, carrycots/bassinets at the same time or combine both and also with the seat. This means your newborns or toddlers get to share their stroller with their older siblings.
  • Handbrakes, reversible and adjustable seats.
  • Extended sun canopy, swivel wheels and suspension front wheels.
  • Large basket and it is accessible from all sites, not just the back and front.



City Mini Double Stroller.

  • The stroller is expensive, it’s because it is a double stroller. This price depends on where you buy it and also if it’s new or not.
  • Does not come with a rain cover and changing bag.
  • The carrycot/bassinet and car seat are sold separately.

City Select Double Stroller.

  • The City Select Double Stroller is also expensive if you are going to buy a new stroller. The price also depends on where you buy the stroller.
  • Does not come with a rain cover or changing bag.
  • The carrycot/bassinet and car seat are sold separately.

Up For A Double? Well, Here It Comes.

Both are suitable from birth with the carrycot/bassinet and car seat which is perfect for your newborn’s twins or your baby and toddler. So, if you are up for a double? Well, here it comes.

Both of them have much to offer, you just need to choose the right one depending on who you will use it for. The City Mini 2 Double Stroller is more ideal for twins and the Select Double Stroller is more ideal for children of different ages.

Of Course, you can buy both for your twins or a baby and toddler, you choose the easier option.

Are you currently using a tandem or double stroller? If so, tell us the benefit and its difference to these. If you haven’t used a double stroller before, tell us your opinions about these.

If you want to add to the topic you are more than welcome to share your thoughts.

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