Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Review.

Baby Jogger launched their City Tour 2 stroller for the first time in 2019 and parents have been excited since then.

I am a bit late for a review, but hey I thought to give it a try and see what this lightweight buggy has to offer.

Baby Jogger is a famous brand, although they do not offer the most designed and luxurious strollers they do offer top quality and many features.

Plus they always deliver and listen to the complaints of parents. This is the reason why many choose to buy their buggies.

That’s the case with Tour 2, in which the previous model was the original Tour. Now improved let’s see the detailed pros and cons.

I will also compare it with the previous model and also with another stroller from another brand.

It’s to give you an idea of its value before buying.

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  • Suitable from 6 months up to 22kg (usually 4 years).
  • Multiple reclining positions. (A near lie-flat position).
  • 5 point harness with chest pads.
  • Adjustable leg rest.
  • Extendable canopy with sun visor. (SPF50+ and peek a boo window.
  • The front wheels are suspension.
  • Lockable swivel wheels.
  • One-hand push button to fold.
  • Sizeable shopping basket.
  • Accessories.
  • Travel system convertible.


Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Review: Stroller.

Product: City Tour 2.

Price: £264.00.

Size of the Product: Open dimension Height: 99cm. Folded dimensions: H19cm × W49.5cm × D59.5cm. (Weight: 6.5kg and minimum weight limit of 9kg. Maximum of 23kg).

Handle Size: 96.52cm (38 inches).

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

From my point of view, the stroller does look rather basic but at the same time stylish. However, is popular so what makes it popular?

Well, starting with that it’s available in 4 colours: Slate, Pitch black, Carbon and Seacrest Blue.

One more colour was added to it because it was originally 3 colours when it came out. You have the option to choose from these 4 colours.

These are compatible with many other colours and a quite good to use in many places, meaning they will blend if that’s what you want.

Suitable from 6 months old as I will recommend and many other parents. It can take your baby up to 4 years.

It all depends on your precious little one growth.

Saying that the manufacturers do say it’s suitable from birth with a near lie-flat position seat.

As parents we know that’s not good because newborns need to lie completely flat.

The City Tour 2 also offers other reclining positions. Adjusting the seat to make your little one comfortable as they grow up.

An upright position with others. To keep the baby safe baby jogger offers a 5 point harness system instead of a 3 point harness.

The harness has chest pads, which are designed to keep it soft and clean.

A stylish and neater look on the fabrics makes it stand out.

More On the Seat.

When in the lie-flat mode you have the calf rest to keep your toddler more comfortable. Have their feet relaxed instead of dangling around.

They will be able to stretch their legs in however position they are sitting. A good way for them to rest after a long day of busy adventures.

Moving upwards you have the canopy (It’s attached to the seat unit so it’s part of it).

Baby Jogger presents a large canopy that’s extendable with a sun visor. It does not look flimsy which will keep the canopy intact.

An SPF50+ canopy giving your child protection from the sun’s UV and keeping tiny raindrops away as well.

The hood has a peek a boo window which is quite big and is a net. Located exactly behind the hood and in front of your view when you are pushing.

Because the City Tour 2 offers only a forward-facing option the window is very useful.

Keeping an eye on your little one is important especially if you have a stubborn one (like mine).


Let’s analyse the three last parts of this buggy. Starting with the Frame which weighs 6.5kg that’s very lightweight. With many buggies, I have reviewed this one is one of the lightest in the market.

An aluminium frame that’s sleek and shiny looking. Baby Jogger offers a handlebar that’s 96.52 cm in height.

Reported to be a good height for the average human height. The bar is also not made with foam but rubber.

Foam bars can get damaged easier and it gets dirty easy as well(I have used foam material before so now the experience).

Although it’s not softer to hold it’s still better.

When it comes to the folding part it’s done with one hand. Two pushbuttons are located on the left side of the bar.

You only need to slide the top button on the side and press the below button to fold the City Tour 2.

It does sound a bit complicated but said to be easy to do. When folded it’s compact and easy to carry because of its lightweight.

You can either carry it using a strap designed on the seat or use the handlebar.

Plus it’s foldable with the seat, so need to worry about removing the seat fabrics to fold it. This can save you time.

When folded it fits in most boots, is easy to use on public transport and is easy to carry upstairs.

Basket and Wheels.

A sizeable basket underneath. It’s easily reachable on both sides and when the seat is in a near flat position it’s still easily reached. So, you won’t have to worry about the groceries when your child is sleeping.

The shopping basket can handle 7kg of weight.

Lastly the wheels. Front wheels are all suspension providing good manoeuvrability and with swivel lockable front wheels you are good to go.

Good to use when narrowing through tiny streets.

The wheels and tyres work on grass and even grounds. It has one-touch rear brakes on the wheels.

City Tour 2: Accessories.


With the carrycot, the City Tour 2 is suitable from birth. With a big and soft mattress to keep your little one comfortable.

It comes with washable covers and has a big canopy just like the seat unit. With UV50+ canopy with sun visor and an extra cover to keep them protected.

Do you also know that the carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping? Keeping your baby at sleep without waking them up from an afternoon nap.

Suitable for up to at least 6 months. When not in use you can fold it flat to store it better.

The way to attach the carrycot is to recline the seat unit first and then attached it.

Yes, the seat unit is still there because it can’t be removed.

Buy the carrycot from Uberkids. (Adapters to fit on the stroller are included).

Car Seat.

Besides the carrycot, you also have two car seats you can use to match with the Baby Jogger stroller.

Baby Joggers own City Go car seat and Graco’s Click Connect car seat. You will need to purchase adapters for that as well.

With the option of the car seat, you can transfer your baby from the car to the pushchair without waking them up.

It’s also easier to carry them with the seat.

Rain Cover, Bumper bar and Travel Bag.

Many strollers come with rain covers and so does this one. Perfectly fitted for it. If you live in the UK where it rains a lot buying a rain cover alongside the buggy is important.

A bumper is not attached to the stroller you get when buying through the link so you will have to buy one if you need it.

A bumper bar also is there to keep baby secure and safe. Very useful when your child is being stubborn.

Covered in good fabrics to keep it clean. Buy the bar from Uberkids.

You also have the travel bag that’s included in the purchase. It’s black and goes well with many airlines. Perfect to bring along when on a journey.

It’s a shoulder bag rather than a backpack. According to some sites, mums think this upgrade was unnecessary. The backpack was better.



  • Expensive for a single stroller.
  • It’s only forward-facing. I like to keep my child rear-facing more (Some parents might agree).
  • It does not offer an adjustable handlebar. This is a big con for taller parents. The average handle height is 101cm but this one is below that.
  • Does not offer all suspension wheels only on the front wheels.
  • Not all-terrain stroller.
  • Does not stand on its own when folded.
  • Not that big basket.
  • Not available in bright colours.
  • Only suitable with two types of car seats which makes your options limited.

Baby Jogger City Tour vs City Tour 2.

When looking at the two pushchairs from side by side you see that they look pretty similar so there is no that major difference. It’s the same model they upgraded

Let’s look at what’s kept with the update. The near lie-flat position is kept from the previous version because it turns out it was quite useful.

The big and UPF50+ sun canopy is also kept, alongside the sun visor and peek a boo window. Although the newer is shaped differently.

When looking at the handle is also the same model. It’s not adjustable and offers the same height.

The same sizeable shopping basket as well which is neither big nor small. Perfect for some groceries.

Baby Joggers didn’t update the wheels and tyres. Remains the same but as mentioned above they are still good to use on even terrains.

The weight also remained pretty much the same. It’s still a light buggy to carry and push around.

Still offers a compact fold and both models can’t stand when folded.

What Differs?

Two major things are the carrycot and car seat. The new model can now be converted into a pram mode and a travel system.

Which is a major update and what many parents were complaining about from the previous version.

Now you can use it from birth up to 22kg. It can stay with the family for years.

Parents also complained about the seat. It was too narrow and didn’t fit bigger toddlers. Short for taller toddlers.

Baby Joggers responded by designing a bigger seat unit with more space.

They also added an adjustable calf rest to accommodate taller toddlers. Solving the problem for those families.

More colours are available as well. It was only available in black. You can also notice the fabrics are shinier reported some parents.

The folding mechanism had only one button and was easier to fold, but it’s still easy with one hand.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 vs Quinny Zapp Flex Plus.

I have not seen these strollers be compared with each other before, so I guess I will do the honour of being the first.

Both lightweight buggies and the Zapp Flex Plus is some of Quinnys best buggies.

They share these similarities:

  • Both are travel system convertible.
  • Offers UV50+ hoods.
  • Suitable from 6 months upwards.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Medium size basket.
  • Foldable with seat unit.
  • Offers multiple colours.
  • Bumper bar compatible.


When it comes to the differences the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus offers a forward and rear-facing setting option.

You also not only have a carrycot and a car seat but also a cocoon. This accessory offers more features than a carrycot.

It offers brighter colours and its wheels are removable to allow a more compact fold.

It’s however slightly more expensive and weighs more at 8.8kg.

When looking at the former it’s suitable up to 22kg instead of 15kg which is the Quinny stroller.

It offers suspension front wheels and swivels lockable wheels which give better manoeuvrability.

Adjustable leg rest, sun visor, peek a boo window, etc.

When analysing them you can see that the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is better.

A Stroller Suitable for Many Families.

The City Tour 2 is suitable for many. Not only travellers but also city dwellers and even those who live outside of the city.

It’s durable and its convenience makes parents fall in love with it. It’s simple but at the same stylish and pact with great features.

It’s not the best in the market, but Baby Jogger City Tour 2 does deliver

Will this lightweight buggy be ideal for your families lifestyle?



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