11 Infant Baby Books.

Whether you are reading to a newborn or a 6-month-old baby it can feel like you it’s useless, and they are not understanding. Well, that might be true.

There’s much more to it. What books are you looking for? There are many, you have bedtime stories, normal stories, history books, educational books, etc.

While I think of that it’s important. For me, personally educational books are more useful. Where you read the alphabets, numbers, etc.

For this post, I will mix all genres to give the options to choose from. It’s different for every parent what they want their baby’s to hear and learn at this stage.

So, this post it’s a list where I will list baby books for infants, which I consider to be a good thing based on my research or I have used them.

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Why Reading to Babies can help.

According to studies reading to babies is not about them knowing what you are reading, for them to understand. It’s just for them to listen to it

When my toddler was young we used to read to her and put the TV on for her to listen. She learned many so much by just listening and viewing.

It helped her recognise things and made her memorise them also at a young age. So, reading to your baby will help them have an early understanding of things.

Although they might not know and understand what you are reading to them, eventually it will to them. Reading to them can make other children speak sooner.

They will learn new phrases, words and develop an interest in books. All these traits it’s good to have before school to prepare them.

However not all children are the same and therefore won’t have all these effects on them, but the effects are still there. It will teach them many things.

Reading is good for everyone. Like I stated it’s about the hearing and recognising part at this early age. The rest comes later on when they wander into toddlerhood.

Why These Books?

Why did I choose these books? Well, it’s because some of these I have read with my baby and the others I have researched on, and know they will have a positive impact on your child.

I also chose these books because I believe at this stage your baby should listen to the readings of these kinds of books. There are millions of books out there if not even billions.

Not only these are the best, but from my view, they are one of the best and with it, your baby can hear new words, see many bright images and also early on start to recognise.

1. Baby Touch (Words). 

A perfect book for those tiny hands and early development. It includes words images and words your little one should hear at this stage.

It’s a board book that offers your little one something to feel and see. What words are there for your little one to learn? Cat, Bird, Dog, etc.

Let them get familiar with their favourite animals.

2. Baby Touch (Shapes).

Just like the book above this one is also a board book that offers the same thing, but instead its shapes. Your little ones will get to feel and see the different shapes.

Shapes that are more common and easy to learn such as square, rectangle, triangle, etc. It has images and colours they recognise in their daily life.

3. Baby Touch (Numbers).

The last of the package is the book about numbers. A sensory book for your baby to touch and feel the numbers. Having them more involved in it will make learning easier.

Teaching them the numbers can be better sometimes, but for now, it’s not the learning. It’s about the touchy part that matters.

Pack voyage for all of these 3 books: £9.99.

4. The Bumblebear (Nadia Shireen), 3.99.

A fun storybook about a bear that dresses up as a bee to trick them for their honey. It’s fun and a simple book, I think even your little one will love to hear.

For 6 months olds, it’s a good book for babies. The text is small and there is not much to read. It shows more images, and the story is also not long.

The focus is only on the bear and bees. Your little one will learn and recognise new words, images and animals/insects. It will make a nice bedtime story indeed.

5. Kindness (Big words for little people, £6.99 in a package.

How about your little one learning about kindness. This book can be for your baby whos 12 months old. Teaching about kindness early is important for their development as humans.

They should learn how to be kind to everyone and why, so when they grow up they already have these characteristics in them.

This book teaches just that. It’s a beginning for them.

6. Let’s find Zig (Lift and flap book), £4.99

Let’s find Zog the dragon. Where is he? It’s up to you your little one find him and tell you where he is. It also includes other characters like a king or birds.

It’s a board book that involves a lot of touching and feeling. A fun activity book for those tiny hands. It helps with their eye to hand coordination, speech and they get to learn new things.

It will also make their small minds engaged, and figure out things.

7. Shhh Quiet, £3.99

It’s a good story suitable for your 12 months old infant. It teaches about being quiet and brave or having courage. The fox wants all his friends to be quiet.

They speak too loud. Being quiet and brave or courageous will make life easier. Although it might seem a little bit advance for your little one but is also teaches life values.

At the same time, it’s a story with many animals and colours. Reading it to your little ones will make them learn much at this early age.

Every parent and child is different, so it’s up to you what you want to teach your baby early on.

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, £3.99

A classic book famous worldwide for its story, and a favourite among parents and children. The stories follow a very hungry Caterpillar.

What does the caterpillar ear do every day? Well, on Sunday maybe he ate an apple, a pie, etc. Let your baby follow the caterpillar’s journey, and learn new words, food, colours.

It’s the same food your baby eats or see others eat.

9. We’re going on a Bear hunt, £2.99

Follow a family as they go on a Bear Hunt. Will they see a bear or not? What happens on the way and what do they encounter? Well, muddy places and difficult grass.

A nice and funny story for your little one to listen to. It’s also a board book for your little one to touch and feel with.

10. First Words (DK Books),£1.25

With this board book, your little one will learn to count, new words and they will see different shiny colours. It’s a touch and feels book.

Words such as shoes, socks, animals, flowers, etc, and know-how all of these feel like. You also have a description of what all of these things do.

A good learning book for babies. The book is small and chunky perfect for their tiny hands.

11. My First ABC (DK Books).

See price and review by clicking on the link above.


These last 2 books I wrote were read and used by my then baby, and she learned much from them, especially the last one. All of these books I believe will teach you little many lessons and qualities.

It’s not for them to know it and memorise or write it at this stage. It’s for them to recognise, hear, touch and feel. If they do all of these the rest will be easier

What do you think about these books? Are they suitable for your baby or do you think they are not? Let me know in the comment section.

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