12 Arts Crafts for Toddlers.

Doing crafts it’s like doing art. There are many ways to do both which is can be fun for your little one. Arts and crafts are something your little ones will love doing.

The activity helps them expand their mind and come up with many creative ideas. It also creates a good bonding time for families. Your toddler will love spending time with you

It’s a good activity to do to keep them away from the TV. For this post, I have decided to focus on Playdough, paper plates and A4 thick papers.

These activities are simple and a lot cheap to do. It can be done by your toddler, and if you want to you can join them.

Doing art and craft don’t have to be expensive and hard. It’s all about being creative and having fun. View 30+ home activities with a toddler to find more ideas.

I also chose these activities because I have done them the most with my toddler and I know it will teach them a lot.

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Do you know that there are different playdoughs? You have natural playdoughs you can use. I found this website that has recipes for 10 natural playdoughs.

You have:

  • Lavender playdough.
  • Rosemary playdough.
  • Gingerbread playdough.
  • Blueberry playdough.
  • Wholegrain and seeds playdough.
  • Porridge oats playdough.
  • Orange and lemon playdough.
  • Cinnamon and nutmeg playdough.
  • Basil playdough.
  • Chocolate playdough.

All of these recipes are also educational for toddlers. It’s food and flowers. Healthy food is good for your child to know about and eat.

Use these playdoughs and be creative with your toddler or let them be creative and introduce object’s or toys they can use. You of course have other playdoughs recipes. Watch this video:

Shape Cutters.

Your toddler can use shape cutters to have fun with the playdough. There are many different shapes and forms that your little one can learn. It can be flowers, numbers, alphabets and objects such as houses or other things.

It’s both fun and exciting. A way to teach your toddler things they need to know. What better way to do it buying getting them active with these arts and crafts.

See these shape cutter from JustCutters on Etsy. They are cheap and it’s all safe so your toddler won’t get hurt. I chose these shape cutters because I believe your toddler should focus on these first:


If your toddler already has animal toys then he or she can use the doughs on the animals. Let them play animal dress up so they get to use the different doughs.

Its again for them to learn. It’s easier to learn the animals by playing.

Mix up Playdoughs.

Recently my toddler and I tried this fun activity. Well, she came up with the idea by just being creative. Why not mix 2 playdoughs and see the results.

What happens if you mix pink and blue? Well, it turns to light purple. They will learn new colours and also create something else with them.

Purple it’s already on the list of doughts I have listed above, but you can use other colours to create another without creating from scratch a new dough.

Let your toddler mix it up 2 or let them mix up many colours. It might turn black with all the colours, but it’s the fun that matters. I saw how my toddler enjoyed doing this.

Their minds are always looking for something to do.


Wooden or plastic stamps can also be used to create forms or shapes with the dough. The stamps can be helpful when your toddler wanting to create a flower for example without wanting to cut it.

Playdough Baking Ideas.

Using different baking kits like the roller and shape cutters for your toddler to make a pizza, a burger or anything else. This kind of play will awake many creative ideas.

It will also prepare them to bake for real and for them to help you out in the kitchen. The baking ideas involve using many colours so it’s also a good way for them to learn the colours.

Use all of the ideas above for this activity to make it more fun.

Paper Plates.

We all have paper plates at home so you don’t have to buy them, and if you don’t it’s cheap to buy at your local store. Paper plates have always been one of the things you can use to do crafts and arts.

Some ideas I have done and I also have in mind are:

Flowers, Leaves and Trees.

Get inspiration from outside by gathering leaves, flowers and also look outside for ideas in what trees to draw. Your toddler can also just use their imagination on how these things look like.

Shapes, Numbers and Alphabets.

Let them draw big shapes, numbers and alphabets, and cut them out for them. You can also let them look at books or video to draw creative shapes, numbers and alphabets.

Hands and Feet.

Put your toddler hands or feet and let them draw lines to draw the shapes. It’s a fun activity they will love doing. It’s also a way to teach them about their feet and hands.

How comes the fingers and toes look like they look. If you don’t have the answer, search it up, and maybe you too will learn something new.

What to do After?

So, after doing all of these activities you can cut them all out, and use a big white paper to glue it on. Supervise your toddler while they glue these shapes of things to decorate.

This in itself is an activity that will last long. After sticking it on the paper with paper glue hang it in their room. If you want ideas on what colouring you should use, it can be:

  • Colour pencils.
  • Crayons.
  • Water colouring.
  • Oil painting.

These colourings a safe for your toddlers to use. Add glitter to it too to make it more creative and shiny. Many toddlers love using glitter. Some colours are edible so if they put it in their mouth you don’t have to panic and worry.

You don’t have to glue it on a big paper, but maybe a magnet and put it on the fridge. You can also buy small magnets at your local store and use stronger glue so it won’t come off.

Use these shapes, numbers and alphabets to teach them without you spending on buying toys. Let it be things your toddler did.

Another thing you can also do with the shapes, it’s by pricking a hole on top of it and use strings to hang it. Homemade things to educate your child.

These things build many activities by just using the same idea.

Visit Toucanbox for more ideas on paper plates.

A4 Papers.

A4 Papers can be bought anywhere. Sometimes it’s also free at the library. You will need thick ones to make these activities I have in mind.

Use different colours on the papers. What I have in mind was making:


A Basket:

A Box:

A boat:

Of course, all of these activities need supervision from you. So, it’s an activity you do with your toddler rather than doing it alone.

Let them be involved in it as much as they can. These object’s you make can be hanged. Prick a hole and use strings to hang them.

After doing all of these things your toddler now has an active room. Their rooms are more fun to be in now.

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