Agio Z4 Stroller Review.

Peg Perego is an Italian brand that’s rising in popularity and many parents are loving it. I decided to take look into the Agio Z4 stroller that was released two years ago (time of waiting for this article).

This same stroller has been updated since 2020 to feature many things, and one of the major updates is single to double mode.

If you are looking for that type then this Italian stylish stroller might be for you.

I will detail the pros and point out the cons. I will also compare the Agio Z4 with another popular stroller/pram.



  • Suitable from birth with the cot or car seat up to 22kg (4 years).
  • UPF50+ canopy with a peek a boo window. (Ventilation panels with extended sun visor, height adjustment, removed when noþ in use).
  • Tandem double stroller with adapters and accessories.
  • Travel system convertible.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Multiple reclining positions on the seat.
  • Footrest.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Swivel lockable front wheels
  • Folds with or without seat and stand when folded. (One hand fold).
  • Narrow width.
  • Leather made handlebar and bumper bar.
  • A big basket underneath.
  • Footbrake.

Agio Z4 Stroller Review: Stroller.

Product: Agio Z4 by Peg Perego.

Price: $649.99.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: 102 cm x 51 cm x 100 cm. Folded dimensions: 82 cm x 52 cm x 38.5 cm. (Weight: 10.2kg).

Handle height: 100cm upwards.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 9.5/10.

Wow by just reading the performance above you can see how good this Italian stylish stroller is. The reason it gets many searches in a month.

Let’s start with the colours it offers, which are grey/blue, grey and green. Made with stylish and luxurious fabrics and materials.

The Agio Z4 stroller is a head turner and will make a good companion for the family for years to come. Looking at the seat you can see soo many features on it.

It’s suitable from 6 months up to 22kg which is around 4 years, so this seat unit will be with your child for years.

To make things comfortable during those years you have multiple reclining positions on the seat. You have a napping, playing and an upright position.

All of it is to make your toddler feel safe and also comfortable to seat on it, whether they are sleeping or sitting up.

Another future Peg Perego included is the so-called pop-out footrest. Designed to keep your toddlers and baby’s legs and feet comfortable.

It won’t dangle around even if you let your toddler happens to be tall. Together with the seat positions turns the seat unit into a cosy bed.

You also have the 5 point harness system with chest and shoulder pads. It has a click and release button making it easy to attach and detach.

Lastly, you have the facing positions, which are both. Such a good feature that allows your little one to face you or the world. Giving other views for more exciting journeys.


What an amazing canopy both for the seat and carrycot. It’s a UPF50+ canopy which means it’s water-resistant and protects your child also from the sun’s UV.

Keeping the harm away. The Agio Z4 also offers a hood with a peek a boo window. When facing forward the window is excellent to use and view your child with.

No need to go upfront every time you are worried (If you have a busy munchkin then this is likely).

With ventilation panels to keep the air flowing during summer. Perfect for baby’s when the heat is too much.

You also have an extended sun visor which gives more shade. When you want your child to see more of the outside you can recline the hood and adjust it.

Giving them an open space. It’s also height-adjustable, which according to manufactures means that it accommodate taller children or as they grow.

It has the same colours as the seat unit. Making it a one colour pattern stroller.


What makes this Peg Perego also stand out is the leather made bars. The handle has a height from 100cm upwards which means it’s adjustable.

It’s also below the normal height and good for the human average height. It will accommodate shorter parents as well, although it’s higher than some handlebars.

It makes it perfect for many parents to use. Having the bumper bar will keep your child safer.

The frame is narrower than many standard buggies which is good, and using it in the city won’t be a problem. The weight also comes in handy.

At 10.2kg makes it one of the lightest standard strollers. More so than the Uppababy Vista V2 for example.

This also makes it compact when you fold it. Fitting in your boot and in a small place in your house. When using public transport it will also come in handy.

The Agio Z4 is folded with one hand, which makes it quite convenient. Holding your baby or whatever on your other hand while doing it.

It also stands on its own when folded. Again, thinking from a travel point of view, it’s perfect. The stroller is basically here to save you a lot of space, which Peg Perego have achieved big time.

To save up even more space you can also fold it without the seat, and it also gets lighter.

Operated by a footbrake when you want to stop it. Easy to reach and access. Another thing that’s easy to access is the shopping basket underneath.

Big enough to fit soo many groceries. You can also place a changing bag in it.

Wheels and Tyres.

The front wheels are bigger than the back wheels which makes it smoother to push. With all suspension wheels to add also to the smooth ride.

Makes it tackle multiple terrains and a chance for you and your baby or babies to visit many places. With the additional swivel lockable wheels pushing swiftly as you push.

Visiting small restaurants or shops will be easier. Normal tyres, which are made to push on multiple terrains but it’s not all-terrain.


Agio Z4 Stroller: Modes/Accessories.

Double Mode.

What also makes the Peg Perego Agio Z4 stroller distinguishable from other standard strollers is single to double mode.

It’s a tandem buggy which means it’s for twins and children of different ages. The seat is placed on top with multiple positions.

Unlike some tandem strollers, the other seat unit is also suitable for up to 22kg and not less. This is the reason is for twins as well.

It has 12 configurations excluding the single-mode positions. You can have two-seat facing each other, back to back or on top of each. Mixing it with a car seat or carrycot.

The same thing with the other accessories. This makes the Agio Z4 stroller suitable for a growing family and a safe haven.

Carrycot and Car Seat.

It’s a 2in1 and a 3in1 travel system also. The cot has an adjustable headrest and the same features the seat has on the canopy.

It’s used for overnight sleeping as well which means no need to move your baby when they are asleep in it. Suitable from birth up to 6 months (9kg).

The car seats it’s compatible with Peg Peregos own Agio Viaggio 4-35 Nido, Primo Viaggio 4-35, Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido. (from 2018 and not older car seats) and other brands like Cybex, Maxi Cosi, Clek Liing and Nuna.

Additional Accessories.

  • Adapters for car seats.
  • Cupholder.
  • Double stroller adapters.


  • A very pricey stroller. Only the single stroller cost a lot, already.
  • It only offers three colours.
  • The stroller being narrow is a good thing for you but maybe not your growing toddler.
  • Does not have puncture-proof tyres and shock-absorbing tyres.
  • Not all-terrain wheels.
  • Seems to have quite a height when folded, which might not be good for everyone.
  • Does not come with a rain cover.
  • Does not offer other additional access except these above.
  • The handlebar can be slightly high for short parents.

Agio Z4 2020 vs Agio Z4 2019.

With one year apart the differences can’t be that much but it does have significance. The 2019 version is as good as this one and they share the same style.

One major difference I can tell is single to double mode. The Agio Z4 manufactured in 2019 does not accommodate twins or children of different ages.

It’s only for single babies. The colour blue/grey is also an addition to the new buggy. Giving it three colours instead of two.

Not a major update in general but for many families the Agio Z4 2020 will be perfect even though it cost more.

Agio Z4 by Peg Perego vs Silver Cross Wave.

Both of these strollers were released in 2020 and since then the 2020 wave had gotten an update. These two are tandem strollers which many are asking for.

You might recognise the Wave more because it is Silver Cross most famous double stroller. The former is mostly compared with the Uppababy Vista V2, but I thought to try another brand.

They share these similarities:

  • Both are suitable from birth with the carrycot and car seat.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Big UPF50+ canopy with a peek a boo window and ventilation panels. (Also has a sun visor and extendable).
  • Footrest.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • 5 point harness with chest pads.
  • The same style of fabrics and materials with leather made bars.
  • Offers all suspension wheels.
  • Footbrake.
  • Easily accessible basket.
  • Almost the same size on wheels.


The Silver Cross Wave offers more configurations on its double mode. Up to 30 which makes it one of the best.

It has more stylish wheels and tyres (thread tyres), all-terrain wheels, fabrics are made with bamboo, an elevated seat, its own insect net or rain cover, a magnesium chassis.

It’s much more expensive and heavier though. The Agio Z4 offers a lighter weight, is less pricey, has a height-adjustable canopy, swivel lockable wheels, it’s folded with one, is narrower, etc.

Both do indeed offer great features and it’s even hard to choose when looking at how similar they look.

Both of these strollers, therefore, take the first spot. However, because the Silver Cross is more expensive and tilts more on the heavy side makes it almost takes second place.

Many would go for the  Agio Z4.


Single to double strollers are growing in trend and many families are buying these. The Agio Z4 stroller by Peg Perego is here to deliver just that.

One thing it has and many tandem strollers lack is its narrow design and lighter weight. Many parents have often complained about how heavy a double tandem can be.

If you happen to use it only for your single baby and toddler, then buying it is still worth it.

Why? Because it’s compact with soo many features and space, and it will end up benefitting you in many ways.

You can always keep it for future kids.

Is the Agio Z4 worth it or not? Let me know in the comment section.


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  1. Italians are well known for their trendy designs and also the quality of their products! This stroller seems to be super handy and its feature to convert to double is really a plus!! Also the fact that you can keep it for several years. Thank you for this helpful review! 


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