The 10 Best Activity Gear Toys For Baby – Popular Picks.

Are you looking for a way for your little one to start and be active? Even when they are sitting, there are many activities they can do.

Whether you have searched for gear toys by name, or stumbled upon the article I am here to answer your questions. What is a gear toy?

These toys are activity toys. It’s not just toys that your baby look at and play with anyhow, but they require your baby to do something.

It can involve them solving a puzzle, activity cube, stack blocks or spinning different shapes and sizes of wooden toys designed on a board and building things. Like legos or stacking up to other things other than blocks. Gear wheels are more common.

These are often wooden, so it’s safe. I will give a bit of fact, and then pick 10 toys I believe your baby will enjoy playing with one of these. View more Baby toys for more ideas and suggestions.

Why Gear Toys are Needed for Babies?

Why are gear toys needed for children overall? It’s to of, course educate them in many matters. Motor skills, hand to hand coordination, develop their senses and thinking.

For toddlers or other older children, the activity can be more complicated and hard. It will involve many activities in a toy, but for babies, it should be simple.

As stated above gear toys are here to make your baby active. Let them learn how to build by stacking gear wheels, spinning them and solving an activity cube.

Let them exercise their hands, and follow their hands with the eyes. It will teach them to handle drinking in a cup and have a balance when holding things.

The solving activities will develop their brain in different ways of thinking. They can learn early on how to solve problems and come with ideas to solve their daily life problems.

It will make them smart and not be frustrated easier when they stumble upon something difficult. Believe it or not, these toys can also help your baby to be patient.

Although they haven’t learned to talk, their mind is developing very fast and catches up fast. Most of the gear toys are also colourful, so being exposed to bright colours will make them more interested.

Their senses will also enhance. Sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and depend upon the materials even taste. They are always curious about their surroundings and wants to figure how everything functions.

What Type of Gear Toys Can Babies Handle?

At this stage, low build gears toys are, of course, are the best. The toys should also only focus on a few activities at a time. Not confuse and wear out your little one.

They should also be big instead of small. Babies put everything in their mouths. Even bigger babies, so you need to be careful with the toys you buy.

As a parent, you already know this but sometimes we can forget a lot of things, or overlook them. Plastic or wooden toys are better.

The toys should be soft and smooth. Not dangerous chemicals of anything. Not all toys can be safe for babies. It will also depend upon your baby.

Babies are different in their sensitivity. The toys below I believe are safe for many babies. Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Popular Picks.

1. Fun Time Fun with Gears Toys. 

£6.99, Amazon.

This toy is both suitable for babies and toddlers. You need to put the pieces on the board and turn the gear to have them moving.

It helps develop their senses, motor skills and eye to hand coordination. It has bright colours and comes in smooth and easy-grip materials.

Suitable from 12 months upwards. At this stage, your baby is already learning and understands more. It will also develop their thinking even more.

2. Milly and Ted Wooden Spinning Head and Cogs.

£12.99, Amazon.

The gear toy has 11 pieces and one has a cog you can control and spin. Comes in bright colours and is suitable for babies from 12 months upwards.

The sizes are exchangeable and you can use the cog handle to move them. The gears can’t be hung up on a wall because the pieces are loose.

The toy pieces are big enough to not be swallowed by your baby. Made with non-toxic paints which means it’s safe for your baby to touch and put in their mouth.

Although you to prevent them doing that. Like the other one above it encourages the eye to hand coordination, enhances their senses and clever thinking.

3. Yookidoo Spin n Gear Sorter.

£14.95, Amazon.

Colourful spin and gear sorter for your little one to enjoy. It might a bit complicated for your little one, and they might not figure everything out at once, but it’s a good start.

They will grow with it as it’s up to 3 years. The activity gear toy is multicoloured and has 7 pieces. It consists of three activities which are to spin them, shape the toy and stack the pieces.

For your baby, the first and second ones can be easier, but eventually, they will learn more. This has more activity and will make your baby think even harder.

A good toy for the development of their brains and skills.

4. Cogwheel Game.

£9.99, Goodlittleegg.

7 pieces of colourful gears that have different sizes to them. You need to assemble them on the right cog for them to move. It can be a challenge for your baby, and later toddler.

It’s a good start for them to place each of the gears in the right place, with you involved it can be easier. Fun eye to hand motor skills. Creates an active learning time.

5. Playskool Explore n Grow Spinning Gears.

$21.82, Amazon.

11 pieces of colourful gears that have musical sounds and are interchangeable. You can also turn them. Your baby will love to play with this toy.

Comes in bright colours and smooth materials. Perfect for those tiny hands. They will grow with it and learn many skills. Such as hand movements and critical thinking.

6. John Lewis and Partners Discovery Cube.

£20.00, John Lewis.

This activity cube comes with many activities at a time, but they are separated, so your baby can do one at a time. Build to grow with them.

Comes in bright colours, and with shape sorting, gear sorting and some musical sounds. Even more, activities are included. The toys can be unpacked to form a playmat.

With it, your baby will discover to pull, push and organise. It will be a nice experience for the young.

7. Baby Einstein Innovation Activity Cube.

£70.00, John Lewis.

An activity cube with many amazing activities on each side. It might be overwhelming for babies, but take each side at a time. Shape stacking and gear wheels are one of the activities they will get to play with.

It builds fine motor skills and eye to hand coordination. Brain development at an early age. Suitable from 12 months which most of these toys are.

8. Twist and Turn Activity House.


Another activity cube, which involves many activities to enhance your baby’s senses and skills. Good for brain development. It comes with shapes to stack, turning cogs for gear wheels, spinning balls, Etc.

The colours are bright and the material is made with soft elements. Small and easy to grab by a baby. 12 months upwards.

9. Milly and Ted 5 in 1 Activity Cube.

£11.99, Amazon.

An activity with gear wheels, shape sorter, sliding beads and teaching clock. Although some of these might be early for your baby, it’s a good start.

Also depends upon how well your baby knows these things. If they are familiar with the activities they are more likely to adapt and develop even more.

Bright colours and a good size for their tiny hands.

10. Boppi Tabletop Activity Cube.

£14,99, eBay.

This one is just like the one above but simpler for your baby. With spinning gear wheels, beads and shape sorting. Comes in bright colours and it’s made of wood.

The size is also good for your baby. Easy to carry and store. Helps with earning skills and enhancing the senses.


After viewing through the suggestions which toys are you picking for your Baby? Do you think your baby will find interest in these toys?

Think also that these toys are not only limited to your baby, but also for your toddler. Some can even be suitable for your 3-year-old. 

It will last longer and they will be able to master it quickly. If you need any help with choosing toys let me know, all the best.

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