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Hi everyone and welcome to my Toppushchairs.com website.

Pushchairs or as others call it strollers are very important for every parent and being a parent myself I know the struggles one goes through to find the perfect pushchair.  

Being a young mother to be and not having the right information, I wanted to purchase the best quality and yet low price pushchair made it more difficult.

I had to search through the web for about 5 months to get the information I needed.

Now I`m more informed and willing to help other parents so they won’t need to spend months searching for the right pushchair.

Through my experience, I have learned to differentiate different types of pushchairs and how to get the best one yet at a reasonable price. Some parents may want to buy an expensive one, everyone has their preferences. I’m here to help!

Check out my other site, if you want to know more about baby carriers. 


A Little Story About Why I Focused On Pushchairs/Strollers.

As I mentioned above it took me about 5 months of searching through the Internet for me to finally get the right pushchair I wanted. I went through different websites trying to find a quality and yet a low price pushchair, but I didn’t find a website that could give me the answer I wanted.

I, of course, asked family and friends, and their opinions differed which made it more difficult.

I needed a website that had product reviews, different types of pushchairs and offered a lot of information about the products and their prices.

It was difficult to find what I was looking for. For me, it was important to get the right pushchair so that I would minimize any expenses and therefore have some money left for other baby products.

“When I hear the word stroller, it brings back memories. I remember being a new mother and trying to figure out this whole new lifestyle. Trying to both understand the changes in me and also the rapid changes happening to my child.”

Marie, Mother Of One/Sweden.

I can imagine that many parents can relate to that. As a parent, you can use the same pushchair if you decide to have more children, and the only way for you to preserve the pushchair is by buying a good one from the beginning.

My mother-in-law, for example, used one pushchair for all of her three children and she did this by buying a good one.

When I was 4 months pregnant it was already stressful thinking about the life changes the baby’s arrival might bring and I added more to my stress with this pushchair business!

If, I only had that information I wanted I could have prevented a lot of stress. It may sound silly but trust me it’s not.


More And Useful Information Leads To Less Searching.

As a parent myself, I want to make it easier for other parents when they decide to buy pushchairs. Pushchairs are used when you want to take your baby or toddler for a walk to the park, market, doing grocery shopping or if you want to visit relatives and friends.

So basically, everywhere you go. This is the reason why pushchairs are very important and therefore one should buy a good one.

Mothers to be or other relatives to the parents shouldn’t stress over which pushchairs to buy and they don’t have to if they find a website which can provide for them the information which’s needed to buy the right pushchair.

“Actually, I had a friend that had the same Model of stroller/pram that I had so that’s how I decided on what type of pram I wanted.
It was a limited edition so it took about a month to get a hand of.
I liked the design, it is a city pram so it works well for where I live, it’s safe and easy to store.”

Yamou, Mother Of Two/Sweden.

For many parents Internet buying isn’t and wasn’t their thing, they simply went to the stores and bought it, but in this day and age, it`s more relaxing and easier to buy it online especially now with what`s happening in the world today.

I want to make it easier for the parent to find the right information they need without regretting any decisions they may make. I have to tell you that I am not a writer and I am not professional in these things.


I will simply try my best to offer you information through my experiences and my research. See my Affiliate Disclosure. I am sure I will be able to provide for you the information you need.

Sometimes it’s good to hear it from someone whos been there and knows a lot. I will also help those mums who have been on this round for a long time and are just looking for reviews on products.

I will also give tips and advice on strollers. How to keep your baby safe and general advice on how to best use it.

Stroll With Ease.

The purpose of this website is to give more and useful information about different types of pushchairs/strollers to parents and others that may need it.

At Toppushchairs.com website information about different types of pushchairs, product reviews,  accessories and brands will be provided.

With the information provided, you as a parent can be satisfied and be with ease. Making strolls with your baby more relaxing!

“I think that these websites are a really good idea and a useful tool for parents. In fact, I wish I had used one when I was buying a pushchair for my daughter but now I will definitely use one when I need to buy another one or anything related to pushchairs. This is because as a busy woman and a busy mother I don’t have time to research myself and look at the pros and cons of each pushchair. This would take a lot of time so I am really glad that somebody else has done all the hard work and put all the information into a website. It is very necessary for all parents to use such a website before they purchase.”

Muna, Mother Of One/UK.

2021 Update.

As of February 2021, I have decided to add more topics to my blog. Topics on activities you can do with your toddler and baby. Activities they can do for themselves.

All of these activities are safe for toddlers and babies to do. Distributed in 2 categories. Fun educational activities for toddlers and babies and cooking activities with toddlers.

It will consist of educational books, toys and activities. In-Outdoor activities like sports and different play activities. Cooking activities with your toddlers.

The age group I will focus on are 6 months to 4 year olds.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



4 thoughts on “About Fatoumata.”

  1. My niece has recently had a new baby and is in the market now for a push chair.  Her baby was born a little prematurely and so she had not fully prepared as she was expecting to have at least another month. She has asked my wife and I to investigate options. I can see Fatoumata from your About page that you have some highly relevant experience.  Do you recommend a brand that allows for walking a fair distance and also in a climate with quite a lot of rain? It needs to be sturdy and be able to cope with occasionally muddy conditions.

    • Hello there Trevor. Congrats on your new arrival/great niece. Hope the baby is fine and well. Newborns, especially prematures are very fragile and need to lie down comfortably, so I recommend a pram/Travel System. I recently reviewed the Bugaboo Cameleon Travel System. Please check it out. The price is reasonable.

      If you would want another one, check these ones.They are expensive, but can suite your nieces lifestyle. Both of these brands are excellent qualities and they fit any weather, even muddy condition. Wish your niece the best.

  2. When you are expecting your first baby, every detail is important for a few reasons: 1. It’s the first! You want to take all precautions. 2. Most of us are not made of money. You don’t want to buy a stroller only to have to buy another for the second child because your first purchase didn’t “fit the bill”. I appreciate your focus on strollers. There is so much to consider nowadays, this is one important thing.

    • Hi there Marsha, you are right you know. Its always good to look Into things before investing, even for things like strollers. Would really like to help parents out there with their investments in strollers. 

      Always here to help, drop by if you need help or have family and friends who need it. 


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