How To Teach Toddlers ABC – My Top 5 Books.

So, I already covered how you can use different ways to teach your toddler the alphabet. Using books is one of the ways you can do it, and it has been for many years.

See this post here. There are many ABC books out there. Which one should you choose and why? You can’t, unfortunately, buy them all and read them to your toddler.

They will be too confused, besides many of these books offer the same things. The art style might be different and the images they display could be different too.

Even the quality of the book can also be something that differs, but the books are all used for the same purpose. I will suggest to you 5 books I believe will help your toddler learn quicker and the books are also quality.

2 of these I have used and the other 3 I have researched it and they are also popular, loved by many parents. The books are easy to use and some of these books can be used to teach your baby.

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My First ABC (DK).

Age Suitability: 0 – 3.

Pages: 36 pages.

A Place to Buy: eBay. Click here.

This book was given to me by a friend for my then baby and now a toddler. I loved it instantly and I can state that it’s my favourite book. I recommend you to buy it.

It’s a small size book that makes it easy for your toddler to follow and even your baby. From the first page to the last the images a clear and big.

It makes your baby and toddler focus on only fewer things. Which they should. At that age too much information ist good for them.

The subjects or words that are shown are familiar to them which makes it easy for them to learn. Oh look that’s an Apple, it starts with an A. What’s an Armadillo?

They also learn new words and associate them with the letters it starts with. With this book, your baby will quickly learn the alphabets and also recognise the different subjects that shown.

My then baby learned to say Apple, ants, aeroplane, etc from this book. The book also has a variety of colours which makes an interesting read.

At this age, your toddler is amazed at many colours and they are instantly hooked when shown to it.  They will develop their senses and start to speak early.

My First Word Book, ABC.

Age suitability: 2 – 4.

Pages: 19 pages.

A Place to Buy: eBay.

With 19 pages it introduces many words of animals and objects. I consider it not suitable for children younger than 2. From 2 upwards your toddler can take in and handle many words.

The book is soft but big. It also offers a variety of colours and images to develop your toddler’s vocabulary. It offers different images than you usually see.

Each page has either 1 or 2 alphabets with different colours and the pages are connected. Making it easy for older toddlers to connect.

It cant be used on younger toddlers, they will be confused and it will be too much information for them. I would rate it below the DK ABC book, but this one offers its unique style which is good to further develop your toddler’s senses.

ABC With Peppa Pig.

Age Suitability: 2 – 4.

Pages: 16 pages.

A Place to Buy: Amazon.

The Peppa Pig is a good and simple book, perfect for your toddler. It focuses only on one picture each letter. It isn’t used to increase your toddler’s vocabulary that much but is to enhance it.

Using some words and animals they are familiar with. The characters also appear there to make things funny to read. Peppa Pig is famous and your toddler is familiar with the character, so they are more likely to read it.

By this age, if your toddler doesn’t find something interesting they won’t bother reading through it or listening to you reading it. So, it’s a way of keeping them interested.

It also has a high customer review, which means parents love it. The book came out in 2014 so it’s quite new and modern which means the images displayed will be familiar to your toddler.

My ABC Mini Library.

Age Suitability: 0 – 3.

Books: 6 sets of books.

A Place to Buy: Amazon.

This one is easy to use and offer your child to read the alphabet slowly. With 6 sets of books, you can separate the alphabet and take each book one at a time.

Each page contains one single alphabet with an image and word. This allows a younger toddler to focus on only one word and alphabet. If a lot of images I displayed were on the same page it might confuse them.

The images used has bright colours which attract your toddlers and makes them interested. The words are easy to pronounce and are words they see in their daily lives whether on tv or at home

I have seen this before, I wonder where? So, it starts with an I. An example of words that might go through their minds. This trick worked on my toddler.

Every time I mentioned A, she directly mentions Apple or Ants. It’s good to take time for them to learn.

ABC (Touch, Think, Learn).

Age Suitability: From baby – 3.

Pages: 36 pages.

A Place to Buy: Amazon.

This one is a good book even for your baby. A board book that’s thicker than other books. It does not display any images of animals or objects.

So, it’s not to increase your toddler’s vocabulary but to develop others senses. It’s a touch, think and learn book. Your child can discover different materials and how they feel.

It also teaches them to focus and to discover things. They have a little bit of activity using their hands. It will make them more engaged and are most likely to remember.

The book takes it to a whole new level of learning the alphabets.

Pick 2 From Different Age Group.

So, what are your thoughts on these Books? Do you think your toddler’s world love it? Every child is different. What other children see interested in and find engaging others don’t.

So, I can’t tell you which of these you should pick, but I can advise you to pick 2 out of these 5 books. Age suitability from 0 – 4.

Pick 2 books to introduce to your toddler right now and the other one when they are more ready to move to other advance learning.

My toddler did well with the first book above and is doing well with the second book. Every day she is developing her vocabulary. Other methods are also useful. Click the link here or above to see more of it.

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