How Toddlers Can Learn ABC – 7 Tips On How.

So, when it comes to teaching the ABC alphabet to our toddlers is important and we all find it hard on how to begin or what to do. How much we should teach and if they will respond well.

With my toddler, it was the same thing. There are some methods like reading a book and singing the ABC song. we have all done this since little.

Did you that other methods can work for some toddlers even more? With these methods, I believe your toddler will be able to say it, recognise it and even start to write it.

It of course takes time and practice to go through this process. I am not going to mention age because I believe every toddler is different. Learning the ABC is not something every child do easily.

Some can the ABC when they 2 others 3 and even 4. My toddler could do it when she was 2. I will share with you the other methods I used and have seen been used before with other family members.

7  Tips on how to learn, but I will break them down even further and explain them.  My 5 top ABC books.

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1. Books.

So, it has become the norm in human nature to always pick up a book if we want to learn something. It is common in our daily lives.

That’s why one of the best ways to teach your toddler the ABC is to read for them. Now, how often? And can you make it more entertaining?

A). Read It daily. Do you know how something stays in your mind? By doing that task every day. Read to your child every day. It can be anytime you decide, but do it every day so that they recognise the sounds and alphabet.

B) Associate the alphabets with everything they know and love. If your toddler loves a certain fruit, animal, food, clothes, etc ask them what it starts with. An example can be Apple. Ask them what alphabet it starts with and how that sound. You can also ask them about the other alphabets in the same word. Again, this will make them remember and also makes it interesting. Use the book to point out all of these things.

C) Read it before going to bed. This method was the one that did it for my toddler. I read the alphabet book for her every day before she went to bed, by also using method B. I made sounds and funny noises to make her laugh and she loved it. What do you do with an apple? We eat it. (Pretend you are eating it and make some funny noises).

These methods are beneficial, and it works. Start it as early as a 1-year plus, and by 2, your toddler will be able to recognise and know the alphabet. They will also learn and be able to say other things.

Like the names of certain fruits and animals. I Used these books and I still am:

2. Writing And Colouring.

So, we also tend to learn things faster when we make it entertaining and funny. Writing and colouring are an example of it.

A) Buy an ABC colouring book. I think it’s important for it to only contain the alphabets not anything else. Let them focus on colouring the alphabets.

B) Buy a notebook and colouring pencils. Supervise your toddler so that they won’t hurt themselves or colour on other things. Write and draw the alphabet on the book and let them colour it. I used this mentioned for my toddler to recognise the alphabet. It’s super fun and at the same time, they learn a lot.

Printable papers can help you and it’s free if you have a printer. I would however not recommend it because you will have papers everywhere and some might even get lost.

Buying a notebook is much easier besides with it you can see your toddlers progress. You can also use other ways of writing and colouring if you want. If you keep this up they will eventually learn to write it.

3. Sensory Activities.

Sensory Activities have been helpful for many parents and I can say it works on every child. They find it entertaining and interesting. There are many different activities you can use, but I will name a few.

A). Puzzle. Buy puzzle boards to make it more interesting. With it, your toddler can learn the alphabetic order and also recognise it. They will also learn concentration.

B). Alphabet blocks. It’s for playing but at the same time can be used to learn the alphabet. Arrange them in different ways.

C). Magnetic ABCs. Put it on the fridge and make it colourful, and mix it up, so that it’s easier to distinguish and recognise. Let them arrange it and rearrange it.

D). Threading beads. Alphabetic threading beats can also be useful and at the same time fun.

E) Playfoam. You can also buy play foam and the ABCs (or make them with paper) to make the alphabets. It’s advised for 3 or 4-year-olds. Supervise them at all times.

F). Cut and paste with glue. You can draw the alphabets and use scissors to cut it out, and then paper glue to paste it in a drawing book. After cutting it out you can give your toddler paper glue for them to paste it. It’s just to make it interesting. The glue is not that sticky, but supervise them at all times. Recommended only for 4-year-olds.

G) ABC playmat. Buy an ABC playmat for playtime and also to educate.

H). Active Cube. An ABC active cub will also make it easy to learn and they will develop their other senses too.

You can buy ABC blocks here.

4. Out N About.

During the covid, things have been a little bit different. We are mostly home, but going out on a stroll, visiting relatives and going to supermarkets are things we still do with our toddlers.

So, take the opportunity and teach them the alphabets.

A). Taking strolls. You see animals, vehicle’s, plants, tree’s, etc. Ask them what the different things/object’s start with or ask them to point out things/object’s that start with D for example.

B). An ABC playground. If you have a park near you, you can use it, and Of course, only do that.

5. Singing.

Singing of course. It’s one the best method to use to teach a toddler. By that age, they always sing and love to listen to songs about different things. This method worked on my toddler.

A). Sing the ABC song. An obvious thing to do for every parent. Do you know there are different ways to sing the song? Search of these ways and make it more fun. Let them sing it in different tempos.

B). Be creative. Use other children songs to teach them. Change things and mix it up to make it funny and interesting. Two examples can be: “If you happy and you know it say ABC”, etc until the alphabets end or being “Three little alphabets jump on the bed, A fell and hurt its self”  it sounds ridiculous, but being creative and funny can make your child willing to learn.

C). Come up with songs. You can take things from the house, and sing about it associating them with the alphabet. Although this is not singing, you can play Simon says. An example: “Simon says to point out A, O and Z”. 

6. Toys.

Toys are also other means to use. You can buy pillows and cushions that are designed like the alphabets. Something they can use it when going to bed. It’s not something you need to teach them with. Seeing it will make them remember.

Click here to buy felt ABC toys.

7. Videos.

Videos are also good to use. My toddler learned the sounds and pronunciation of the alphabet with it. It’s good for them to hear it from other people.

A). Alphabet learning videos have different background colours. Making it colourful makes it easy to learn.

B). It mentions and teaches many things I mentioned above, but this time from someone else. So, it’s also to give them other ways of learning. They are mostly using their ears and eyes which will make them concentrate more and learn quicker.

That’s it, parents, if you use these methods I guarantee you your toddler will learn to say, recognise the alphabet, and know-how to arrange them. If you keep it on they will even learn how to write.

See this video:

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  1. This is some great advice on teaching toddlers the alphabet.  Many of us (myself included) are care for preschoolers who can long longer attend preschool because of COVID.  That leaves us non-teachers to try to figure out the best way to prepare our little ones for the road ahead when schools open again.  I love your letter/sound method and my granddaughter found it to be fun just as your child did!  

    As for writing words, I’ve had great success with writing the letters and numbers in yellow highlighter and have her trace them in a darker color.  This allows her to see what she’s doing and distinguish her writing from the dark lines already on the page.  I hope this helps!

    • Hi Cynthia. I appreciate your comment. It’s also nice to see others like my methods. Thanks for the tip. I will certainly do that. Sounds clever.

      Step by any time.


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