30+ Home Activities with Toddlers – Busy Preschooler.

You are home with your toddler or toddler and looking for something to do. A rainy day or it might be because of the lockdowns and you don’t want your toddler or preschooler hooked on the TV.

There are many things your toddler can do, and it’s also safe for them to do it. These activities will make staying home fun and it does not involve watching TV or playing games (tv games).

I will name multiple activities I have done before and others that I have seen have been done or recommended. These activities are done with your toddlers and others is for them.

Most of these activities don’t involve you buying anything. It can be something you already have laying around the home and you are not using.

Important at this Age.

I believe the most important thing at this age is for your toddler to still have fun while learning things. When learning the alphabet, numbers or shapes you should make it interesting.

Through playing with other things your toddler also gets to learn a lot. Like motor skills and hand to eye coordination. Which is one of the things that are important for 2 to 4 years olds preschoolers.

Sensory Play.

Sensory play is always on the list when it comes to activities toddlers can do both inside and outside. It can be messy or mess-free. It both helps your toddler to be creative and imaginative. These activities can be both be done with your toddler.

  • Shaving cream.
  • Sensory bin.
  • Play with slime

For more ideas on sensory play see a list of sensory activities baby and fun sensory activities for your toddler.


Your toddler can also learn through art and it allows them to use more of their imagination and be creative. It’s fun to come up with ideas by using their hand’s hands feet. If you want more ideas see fun summer activities and outdoor activities.

Face Painting

Do face painting with your toddler or let your toddlers do face painting. You only need paint brushes and edible paint or just normal paint.

See if they can paint their favourite animal or it doesn’t have to be an animal.

Do art on other things.

Let them draw or mix colours on old clothes, toys, boxes or anything else that’s unused. Art with rice can also be something that’s fun.


Cardboard Box.

If you have a box laying around and not used for anything else why not use it for your toddler. Together you can build a car, bus or something else with it. You can then use art to make it more fun. This is one of the fun ways to spend time with your toddler.

See this video on how to build a car with a box:


Do you mould? Maybe not, and you want to just be creative. Teach your toddler moulding or do it together. Let them be crafty with their hands. Mould whatever they like and paint it afterwards.


This one involves you doing all the work, but a tiny assistant would be helpful. Your toddler can view and help you do the tiny task to create a wooden box, maybe carve a wooden spoon.


Teach your toddler to knit or sew. It can be something your 4-year-old will be interesting in doing. Knitting is safe for them to do, but supervise them at all times. They will get to learn new textures and how to use them.

Crafts with Paper.

There are many things you can build with a paper-like Aeroplane or a box. You can see this video here on ideas:


Games done outside and inside are fun activities for your toddler. They can learn much from it. The games that I recommend are sports and guessing games. Use your imagination to do it.

Bowling with Bottles.

If you have 1.5 L bottles laying around your house then its time to use them. Stack them up and give your toddler or toddler a softball (A football or other softball), and let them play bowling. This is something that’s both fun and creative.

The bowling place is close but it does not mean you can’t bowl. A good way for your toddlers to spend time. You can play in your garden or even inside if you have a large living room.


Blow a balloon and use it like a tennis ball if you don’t have one at home. Take a long and small fabric and tie it to two chairs and play with them across the living room or garden.

Let your toddler play tennis using the balloon and racket.


Use the same technique above and let your toddler or toddlers play badminton. See outdoor toys for toddler list for a badminton set.

Other Ball Games.

Football and basket is also something your toddler can play either in the living area or garden. Instead of using a basketball or a football which can be hard for your toddler. Use other softballs.

Buy a basketball stand and a football goal stand. View these outside toys for ideas.

Guessing Games.

Your toddlers can do guessing games. This games can also be done if you have one toddler. Write on a card the names of animals. Imitate these animals by doing movements or using things lying around, and let your toddler guess the animal.

If you have more toddlers let them play together. Guess the career can also be something of interest. Who am I? Police, teacher, doctor, nurse, etc?

It teaches them different animals, careers and also makes them think. Using their senses and minds. Good for development and a good start to growing up.

You can also buy card games for more ideas.

Boat or Car Race.

This is most suited for your 4-year-old. If you have a toy car you or a toy boat you use it for a race. Give your toddler to blow a balloon and have them attach or insert it on the car for a race.

Make a race track by using rulers. A start and finish line. See which of them can blow the largest balloon and win the race. A fun and competitive game for toddlers.

If you have a home pool then use toy boats instead.

Obstacle Course.

Coloured Tape.

Use different types of coloured tapes and place them around the living room. Make an obstacle course with it where maybe your toddler needs to jump or tiptoe.

Climbing Frame.

Buy a climbing frame and place it in your garden or the living area. Put a timer on and see how fast your toddler can climb and get down. They can do other tricks while climbing. Come up with ideas together. View climbing frame.

Use Other Things.

Use maybe legos, clothes or toys to build an obstacle course. Ask your toddler for ideas and let them be included in creating them with you. That way your preschoolers learn to be creative and engage more.

House Chores.

House chores although is not an activity your toddler needs to be concerned about, it’s something they can learn from and also it can be something fun.

Make an Activity List.

Come up with a list of weekly house chores. Let them help you make a list of what you are going to buy or other things. Like dinner ideas and when to clean.

Cleaning Their Rooms.

Task them with tidying their rooms. Put their clothes or socks in the right drawer. Tidying their beds and picking up toys, or other things from the floor to keep the room clean.

An easy task to teach them cleanliness, responsibility, and at the same time have fun while doing it.

Cooking or Baking with Toddler.

Bake or cook with your toddler. It can be an easy task they can do to learn the fruits and vegetables. Again it teaches them responsibility and to be creative.

Other Fun Ideas.

Play Dough.

Play with playdough with your toddler or let them play with. Using toys or other things to be creative. You don’t have to buy play dough. Make it yourself:

Puzzle Sorting.

Sort puzzles of different sizes. If it is for your 2-year-old buy bigger pieces because they are still young and can put them in their mouth. It can be an alphabet or number puzzle.

See this list of toys you can buy and it’s suitable for your preschooler.


Building through legos is also fun and a good way for your toddler to learn. They will develop fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination and also use their imagination.

Busy Board.

Set up a board and hang their busy activities or place it there. It can be anything from obstacle courses for toys, rallying toys (from the biggest to the smallest), etc.

Sing (Songs).

Sing ABC or 123 with your toddler. Five little monkeys or other songs you can think of. Let your toddlers play among themselves. Learning different signs.

Dance Stop.

Have your toddler or toddlers dance to a song you are singing and whenever you stop singing they have to pause and not move. Although your toddler will not follow the rules, it’s a good way to make them active and training.

Bubble Wrap.

If you have a bubble wrap laying around the house which most of us does then use it. It’s a good way for your toddler to use their hands and also have fun.

Make it a game. See which if your toddlers can pop bubbles faster.

Bath Toys.

Bath toys are also a way of giving your toddler a fun activity to do. It can be a boart, flashy or slimy toy. Why not come up with stories to make things more exciting and interesting. See bath toys.

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