26 Easy Baking Recipes Kids – All Hands On Deck

Are looking for recipes for baking with your kids? Well, there are a handful of recipes out there and it can be overwhelming. Baking with our kid’s it’s something that’s fun and a good way to spend time with them.

In this post, I am focusing on small children. 2 to 4-year-olds, although these recipes can be done with any age. Baking with your younger child it’s also something that’s important.

They develop their senses and learn a lot from tasking different flavours. It’s also a way to entertain them and get them to engage at home.

Which is much needed at these times. I will list baking ideas for cookies, cakes, puddings, bread, apple pies and cinnamon rolls (one of my favourite desserts).

26 Easy baking recipes or ideas for and with kids.

You are in for an all hands on deck ride. Buckle up. View other baking and cooking ideas (recipes).  If you are interested in reading fun summer activities for your kids, click the link.

If you want to view some of these recipes you can go to Toucanbox.

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Cookies have to make this list. Every 2 to 4-year-old or even older children love cookies. There are variant of cookies out there and I have chosen 5 variants I think your child will love to bake. It’s both safe and an all hands on deck activity.

1. Oatmeal Cookies.

I can already taste these delicious oatmeal cookies. My daughter loves Oatmeal and she is always excited to have some. Oat is rich in fibre and healthy for a young one. It’s easy to make it and your little one will love helping you out.

2. Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.

How about adding chocolate to your cookie. It will make it more delicious and also a bit messy. A good way for your kid to test other flavours and also have a sensory activity.

You can choose to bake with black, brown or white chocolate. Mix it up if you want.

3. Peanut Butter Cookies.

Do your child loves peanut butter? How about adding it with the cookies while baking? It will make it more delicious and tasty. Peanut butter also involves a lot of mess. It will be an entertaining activity.

4. Raisin Oatmeal Cookies.

Another delicious ingredient you can add to your cookies. Its natural sugar and healthy. If you want t to avoid having sugar in your cookie this ingredient is one of the best.

5. Snicker Doodles.

I came across snickerdoodles while searching for cookies, and these look lovely and are delicious. You make them by dropping a spoon of dough into a baking sheet. No need to form it.

An engaging and nice activity for those small hands. They will love it.


Cakes are also something I just had to include. When I always want to bake something, cakes pop up in my mind. It takes more preparing than cookies, but it’s as delicious. View these 5 cake ideas I have done or eaten.

6. Strawberry Cake.

Who doesn’t love some strawberries? Well, I do. It’s super fun and engaging to bake it. Kids love it (my daughter loves it). Bake your layers and put some whipped cream on top and then decorate it with strawberries.

Let your kid come up with ideas. It’s popular during summer and good to eat with tea or coffee. A lovely treat for picnics or other family gatherings.

7. Strawberry Cheese Cake.

Another cake for those strawberries. My husband is an expert at making this cake and it’s a favourite among our friends. Easy and delicious baking for the whole family. It will leave a nice taste in your mouth.

Let your kid help you with mixing the cheese, cream and chocolate. Also smashing the biscuits. A fun activity for them.

8. Blueberry Cheese Cake.

If you and your child love blueberries then this is an idea you will love doing. It’s just like the strawberry cheesecake. Just add blueberries as a topping.

9. Chocolate Cheese Cake.

I love this one and my favourite cheesecake. If you use Toblerone chocolates it makes it nicer. If you think the sugar will be to much use another ingredient.

The Toblerone makes it tastier.

10. Chocolate Cake.

A normal chocolate cake is also something that’s delicious and easy to do with your kid. Add white chocolate or grated coconuts on the top to make it tastier.

An easy task for your preschooler to do.


Kids also love pudding. It’s easy and simple to do. Some puddings only involve making it in the microwave. It’s the mixing of the ingredients that counts for your toddler. View these 5 puddings ideas.

11. Corn Pudding.

Corn is both healthy and tasty. A corn pudding is something the whole family will enjoy, especially if your kids love corn.

12. Chocolate Pudding.

Here I go again mentioning chocolate. It seems to be something that goes well with many things. Chocolate pudding is what more people are familiar with and like.

A nice dessert for the whole family.

13. Vanilla Pudding.

If you want another ingredient to make pudding this can also be an option. The vanilla taste is recognised by many kids from ice cream for example. So, they will enjoy making this with you.

14. Cheese Pudding.

Another treat with cheese. Many kids love to eat cheese and it will make a delicious dessert for the family. Eat it with some tea or coffee. It can also be used as a side dish when eating lunch or dinner.

15. Goetta Pudding.

If you love goetta you can also prepare it as a pudding, and have it as breakfast. An easy breakfast to prepare.


All of us eat bread, well almost all of us. People just love it and there a ton of different bread. Many people just buy it at the store, but you can also make it at home. Get help from your little one. Is it an all hands on deck activity that will get them engaged?

View these 5 baking ideas.

16. White Bread.

Most of us buy white bread because it’s tasty and goes with any toppings. How about baking it at home and adding your own ingredients to it? Bake it just as you like and let your little one join you for some busy and nice experience.

17. Wheat Bread.

This type of bread is also common. With an easy recipe, it’s both fun and easy to do. Just do the mixing and toss it into the oven. A fun sensory activity for the whole family.

18. Hot Dog Bread.

I am sure your kids love to eat hot dog during summer or any season. It’s easy to buy at the store, but how about baking it at home? It can be something to do ones in 3 months or so.

19. Doughnuts.

An all-time favourite for many. You get to add many toppings and your kid will love to decorate the doughnuts. Is an activity that will get them more thinking and involved. A way for them to enhance their senses.

Doughnuts are good to eat with tea or coffee. Take it with you whether you want a tasty treat.

20. Bagels.

Another fun baking idea for kids. Just like making doughnuts it also involves a lot of hands and it can take time to make them. Which gives you more time to bond with your little one. A nice treat to enjoy with tea or coffee. Maybe juice for the kids.


Pies have always been loved by families all over the world. You can make it with many ingredients. You can eat it as breakfast, lunch, dinner and also dessert depending on what the ingredients are. View these 5 baking ideas.

21. Apple Pie.

The most famous apple pie to many and also delicious to have when drinking tea or coffee. Have it on your picnic. A nice side topping will be some whipped cream.

22. Blueberry Pie.

Make a blueberry pie with your child. It brings another flavourful and tasty treat for the family. If you have already baked apple pie and want to try something different this is an option.

23. Raspberry Pie.

Raspberries are sourer than the other fruits. So it will balance it a little bit with sugar. If you or your kids also love sour food then this pie is perfect. A nice treat for the whole family. Have it for breakfast or as a dessert.

24. Chicken Pie.

If you are looking for something to bake for lunch or dinner then a chicken pie is a good option. Let your kid help you prepare the chicken and dough. It’s a good way to keep their hands busy. They will love the different ingredients and mixing.

25. Fish Pie.

If you don’t enjoy eating meat then a fish pie can be something you will love. Its not the most common pie to be baked but it will make a lovely dinner or lunch. Make some salad on the side and you a good to go.

Click on the link above to see a delicious salad recipe.

Cinnamon Rolls.

I wanted to add cinnamon rolls to the list because it’s quite famous where I grew up. It takes time to prepare It, but it’s a good way to spend time with the family.

Eat it with tea or coffee and juice for the kids. Freese the rolls and defrost them whenever your kids like to have some. That way you save time.

Put them in the even when defrosting them for it to have a fresh taste.

Have you Decided Yet?

So, what have you decided to bake with your kid? Which of these baking ideas or recipes do you think your kid will love to do? Name 5 recipes you never heard of before.

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