Play Kitchen with Toddlers – My 10 Picks.

Does your toddler love to play with ýour kitchen sets? Well, mine does and she always leaves a mess when she’s ready. Is not easy to figure out why they are soo drawn to playing with it. When your toddler plays with the kitchen set is also a way of an activity. A sensory activity. … Read more

26 Easy Baking Recipes Kids – All Hands On Deck

Are looking for recipes for baking with your kids? Well, there are a handful of recipes out there and it can be overwhelming. Baking with our kid’s it’s something that’s fun and a good way to spend time with them. In this post, I am focusing on small children. 2 to 4-year-olds, although these recipes … Read more

30+ Home Activities with Toddlers – Busy Preschooler.

You are home with your toddler or toddler and looking for something to do. A rainy day or it might be because of the lockdowns and you don’t want your toddler or preschooler hooked on the TV. There are many things your toddler can do, and it’s also safe for them to do it. These … Read more

21 Fun Summer Activities with Toddlers – Ready For Summer?

Finally, summer is here or on the way, and you can’t wait to get out and bring your toddler with you. Take them out to do something or maybe have something to do at home. I know the feeling, especially at these times. Having spent the whole winter and spring at home. You can still … Read more

What’re the Best Educational Toys for Toddlers? – Top 26

To have toys can be both fun and creative for your toddler. A ride on car, a dollhouse or maybe they can pretend to bake or cook something? It’s something that can and will keep your toddler busy insides and outdoors. We often see toys as something distracting, something used for entertaining and nothing else, … Read more

Toddler Outdoor Activities – Activity List.

In my previous post about outdoor activities, a covered many things your toddler can do outside. You can click the link to see the options that are available. For this post, I was thinking of doing a product or activity review. Which of these activity products can you use outside and that’s suitable for your … Read more

Seasonal Outdoor Activities for Toddlers.

You have a busy toddler with you. Both indoors and outdoors. What are you going to do? There are many ideas and options, but you can’t decide. Well, it can all depend on what your toddler wants to do. I also believe is a way of introducing new hobbies or interests. Let them discover new … Read more