10+ Cooking Ideas with Kids – For Dinner and Lunch.

Do you have a mini chef at home, and you want to get them busy? Well, you have the opportunity to do it these days. Kids love to help out in the kitchen.

Even your 2 to 4 year old will love to help and get their hands dirty. It’s a fun and educational activity that will help in many ways. I life learned activity that will serve both of you well.

Although you will do all the hard work, it’s always good to have an assistant. With these easy cooking ideas, it’s going to be fun, and easy for your young child to join you.

I will only list cooking ideas I think are good to have for dinner and lunch, although you can use these when eating both lunch and dinner.

Why not ask your young child what cooking ideas they want to do? You can both join and decide together that way they are in it from the start.

It’s a way to get them more motivated and interested.

Ideas that a both healthy and a little bit on the unhealthy side, but it has flavourful and variety taste. Time to get those tiny hands to work.

I have tasted and done the majority of these recipes. It’s easy to do and won’t take that much of your and your kids time.

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Cook Lunch with Kids.

Eating lunch during the day is something that’s both healthy and will keep you fit. There are many ideas out there and it can be overwhelming both for you and your kids. View these 3 lunch ideas you can cook with your small children.

1. Masala Lamb Chops.

What about this tasty dinner? An idea from India. It’s rich in spices and comes in many flavours. It’s a good way to get the kids active and educate them about the world.

They will also get their hands dirty. Some of the ingredients include lamb chops, masala paste, spice blend, mint chutney. If you and your family love eating spicy food or maybe want to try it out. This is an option.

2. Penne Alla Rustica.

An Italian dish for lunch and dinner. Having it at lunch will be nice. If you and your kids love pasta like most of us do then you will love this pasta.

Treat your whole family to a flavourful dish. A dish your kids will love to get involved in. Even for your young child, it will make a nice taste. Some of the ingredients that are included are pasta, garlic & rosemary mix, Rustica paste and dry red peppers.

Time to get those tiny hands and mix up many ingredients.

3. Thai Red Prawn Curry.

Are you vegetarians? Then this one can be the perfect dish for your family. Inspired by Thailand it has many flavours. A dish the whole family will enjoy.

A side dish can be rice. Rice is the most common dish people cook as a dish to curry sauce. If you don’t want white rice try using brown rice or maybe eating it with another side dish.

A good and tasteful lunch that not only will educate your small child, but also introduce them to a new variety of food that might interest them in the future.

Some of the ingredients included are prawn, garlic paste, that red paste and Thai red garnish.

View the above recipe from Feast box.

Cook Dinner with Kids.

Time to serve dinner and you have no idea what to cook? What about pizzas and potatoes dishes? It’s easy to do it and with your kids helping it will be easier.

They will also learn new thing that develops their vocabulary, enhance their 5 senses and boost their brains. Some of these ideas are side dishes or things to have after dinner.

4. Margarita Pizza.

The easiest pizza to do because it just involves tomatoe paste and cheese. Make many mini rectangle pizzas and store them in the freeser for the coming weeks.

When ready to eat, just warm it up in the microwave and you are good to go.

5. Vegetable Pizza.

If you don’t eat meat or chicken a vegetable pizza can also be a choice for you and your kids. Vegetables such as olives, green peppers, corn, broccoli, etc.

Let your kids choose the vegetables they want as topping that way you can also taste other vegetables you haven’t thought of before. It brings more variety instead of having the same vegetables all the time.

6. Chicken Pizza.

Chicken pizzas are one of the famous pizzas out there and families love them. I always enjoy eating chicken pizzas and there is a lot of variety of them.

You can also mix the chicken with many spices to make it more flavourful. With your little assistant by your side, this will make a delicious dinner.

Add other ingredients to make the pizza more rich and nutritious.

7. Meat Pizza.

Whether is mincemeat or biff it can be something you can do from time to time. Mix it up with vegetables to make it more healthy for you and the kids.

A minced meat and tomatoe pizza are some of my favourites and it’s soo easy to bake. Kids will love it and they will enjoy making it.

See this video on how to make homemade pizza dough:

8. Potatoe Salad.

Potatoe salad will make a nice side dish the whole family will enjoy. It’s rich in vegetables, spices and other ingredients that are added to the flavour.

I have tried this multiple times at home it creates a nice bonding time for you and your kids.

9. Pasta Salad.

Pasta salad is also a nice dish you can eat with any fish, meat or chicken dinner your prepare. The pasta salad can also be eaten on its own.

Cut some avocados and Greek cheese on the side and you are good to go. It’s super healthy for your young child, and it’s a good way to introduce healthy food to them.

10. Chicken Nuggets.

Kids love chicken nuggets and so do many adults. Instead of buying it from the store or from restaurants why not make it home.

Get your kids involved in making this tasty treat they love soo much.

11. Roasted Plantain (Green Bananas).

These can be made as snacks or they can make a side dish for your lovely dinner. Deep them in different mixing suck as an avocado mix or a spicy cheesy mix.

Your kids will love preparing it and they will enjoy the snack while watching TV or busy doing other things at home.

12. Potatoe Gratin.

My all-time favourite side dish is when I prepare a nice chicken or meat dish. It’s a nice and simple meal that will get your kids more involved.

After you have peeled and cut the potatoes you can let them place it, and mix and blend the other ingredients. Some of the ingredients included are potatoes, cheese, salt, black pepper, etc.

13. Fruit Salad.

Although this is not a meal for dinner it’s something you can have after it. A nutritious dessert for those kids who love different fruits.

It’s good to do it during the summer because you have more fruits available to you. Of course, it can be done anytime. Have your small child taste and know different fruits.

Fruits are also colourful so it’s a fun and interesting way to teach them colours.

What This Means for Kids.

Doing all of these cooking activities I have mentioned above will help your kid gain more knowledge about the world. Teach them a variety of foods, colours and teamwork.

It will create good sensory activities and they will also start communicating. Learning new vocabulary along the way. These new skills will help them when they begin school.

It will also make them more social and willing to take action and talk.

What are your thoughts on all of these ideas? Do you think your kids will love them?

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